Nomination process

There are various fishing competitions open to clubs to send a team to compete in. In order to be selected to represent ones club, one needs to submit a nomination form to the club’s interclub officer for consideration. The nomination form represents the fishing achievements of the member thus allowing the selection committee to make an informed decision. It is good practice for all members to keep their fishing CV up to date as this is used in completing the nomination form.

Once the nomination has been received, the selection committee will consider all applications and select a team based on merit and criteria. The successful members will be informed of their selection.

Download the Nomads Interclub Nomination form or use the e-form to submit your application

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Inter Clubs

Members submit their nomination to the Interclub Officer in order to be considered for selection to represent Nomads at a competition.

Interclubs to which Nomads usually sends a team to compete in are:
(these vary and are subject to Nomads receiving an invite from the hosting club)

  • Shelly Beach Interclub
  • Umhlanga Interclub
  • Zinkwazi Interclub
  • Mapelane Interclub
  • Sailfish Interclub

Use the e-form to submit your Interclub Nomination application

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Nomads Club Captain Duties

Any Nomads member who is selected as a captain of a Nomads Interclub team needs to exercise the following duties:

  1. Liaise with team members with regards to the tournament.
  2. Arrange entry, booking of the accommodation, travel arrangements and all information relevant to the tournament.
  3. The Captain is to make sure that all members have the correct clothing to attend the competition.  They must liaise with the Nomads Clothing Officer to order any shortages for their team.
  4. They must have the necessary tackle checks for their team before the competition.  If necessary they must organise tackle boxes / training for the team utilising experienced anglers in the club.  This can be organised by the Chairman of the club.
  5. They must within 7 days of completion of the competition submit the Inter Club Competition Report form and expense sheet.
  6. The team members must complete the Captain’s report and submit to the Chairman of Nomads.

The following documents will need to be downloaded and completed:

  1. Interclub Competition Report (to be completed by the Captain)
  2. Expenses Sheet
  3. Team members report on the Captain
  4. Captain’s Duties

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Provincial, National and International nominations

Essentially the same process is followed for Provincial (SGDSAA), National (SADSAA) and International (Protea) nominations.

Read about SADSAA’s angling road to Protea Colours

Download the required forms for selection:

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