SADSAA’s angling road to Protea Colours

SADSAA’s angling road to Protea Colours

Angling members of SADSAA wishing to obtain their Protea Deep Sea Angling Colours need to follow the following selection criteria as laid down by the SADSAA Executive Council in January 2002.

Anglers firstly need to obtain their SADSAA National Colours before being allowed to nominate for Protea Colours.

Deep sea angling facets being:-

  • Bottom-fishing
  • Sail-fishing
  • Tuna-fishing
  • Marlin-fishing
  • Game-fishing

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Nominating for SADSAA colours

Anglers nominating for SADSAA National Colours must have competed in a minimum of Two (2) Inter-provincials of any facet of angling and then the angler must have competed in Three (3) National Tournaments , two (2) of the Nationals being in the same facet of angling i.e. Sail-fishing / Marlin-fishing / Bottom-fishing / Tuna-fishing / Game-fishing.

  • 2 x Inter-provincials in any facet
  • 3 x Nationals in two in the same facet

e.g. An angler wanting to nominate for SADSAA Tuna Nationals

  • The angler must have competed in 2 Inter-provincials
  • The angler must have competed in 3 Nationals , two of the Nationals being the Tuna Nationals and the other National being any other facet such as Sail, Marlin ,Game, Bottom or Tuna Fishing.

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Nominating for Protea colours

Anglers nominating for Protea Colours must have:-

  • At least one (1) x SADSAA cap in the facet that the angler is nominating for Protea Colours in.

e.g. If the angler wishes to nominate for:-

  • Protea Costa Rica or ILTA Guatemala Sailfish Internationals

The angler must have SADSAA Colours for Sail-fishing

  • Puerto Rico or Hawaii Bill-fish Internationals

The angler must have SADSAA Colours for Marlin-fishing

Competitions that anglers can nominate for are :-

  • Hawaii Billfish International
  • Puerto Rico Billfish International
  • Costa Rica Sailfish International
  • ILTA Guatemala/Mexico Sailfish Internationals
  • FIPs. World Championships (Gamefish / Bottomfish / Tuna)
  • EFSA World Championships (Gamefish / Bottomfish / Tuna)

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Procedure for anglers wising to nominate

  • Anglers nominating for SADSAA and PROTEA Colours must complete the SADSAA/PROTEA Nomination form.
  • (A copy of the form is available on the website and from the SADSAA Secretary as well as from all Provincial Chairmen / Secretaries)
  • The form to be accompanied by a PROVINCIAL cheque of R100.00 or
  • EFT proof of payment. NO CASH Monies will be accepted.
  • The form is to be given to the Provincial Chairmen / Secretaries for them to forward to the National Selector Convenor by the due date called for .


  • Angler to complete SADSAA/PROTEA Nomination form.
  • Form to be given to Provincial Chairman through Club Chairman for ratification.
  • Provincial Chairman to submit form to SADSAA Selection Convenor.

After Selections have taken place, the National Convenor will inform the SADSAA President who will contact the various anglers on their selections.

Only the SADSAA president notifies anglers of either SADSAA selections or Protea selections!

As of August 2010, Protea and SADSAA anglers must fish at least one inter-provincial or national / masters in the year they are nominating so as to be seen to be active and current nationally, thus preventing current up-and-coming anglers from being selected.

SADSAA Resolution passed 24th February 2010

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Angling road to Protea colours

  • An angler must join a club affiliated to SADSAA
  • Angler must compete in three inter-club competitions for his /her club
  • Once an angler has competed in three interclubs they may nominate for association provincial colours (half colours) to the provincial body
  • After being awarded association colours either once or twice under the discretion of the provincial selection committee the angler may now nominate for full provincial colours.
  • After being selected for three inter-provincial competitions as well as his / her association the angler may now nominate for national colours for his / her provincial body
  • The angler must be selected for three nationals for his / her provincial body of which two nationals being in the facet that the angler wants to nominate for SADSAA colours (mini Protea colours)
Type of Colours No. required
Club 3
Association 1 or 2
Provincial 3
National 3
SADSAA Min 1 in facet for Protea

Only once SADSAA colours have been obtained is the angler now eligible to nominate for Protea colours

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