Monthly Archives: October 2013

New 2014 Chair and Vice for Nomads

At last night’s Nomads AGM, Dave Martin was elected as the new Chairman of Nomads.

Wynand Wiering was elected as his Vice Chairman.

The rest of the committee will be finalised after the first get together under the new chairman.

Congratulations to the new leadership as well as to the ex-chair Leon Nel and secretary Magriet Nel who stepped down.


Please note that you may have received an email message that in all appearances seems to have been sent from Nomads Gamefishing stating:


Here is an important document that I want you to see.  …. etc”

This email was not sent by NOMADS and appears to be an attempt to get you to provide information which may be used to penetrate your local security.

When reading the email it can be seen that they sender is attempting to obtain your login information which they would then use to access your account.



Nomads email security has not been breached and cannot be held responsible for your own personal internet security.

Nomads DOES NOT and WILL NOT sell or distribute your email address to any company / organisation now or in the future.

You will also notice that Nomads sends its messages out in a “Bcc” so that your email address is protected and not displayed. Where the originators of this bogus email obtained your email address cannot be determined but please rest assured that Nomads will take all necessary precautions to ensure the protection of its members and their email addresses from any entity that attempts to solicit them.


If you have disclosed your personal details by clicking on the link supplied it is strongly suggested that you change your email password immediately.