The Nomads’ Chant

We’re Nomads we’re Nomads
We live for the sea
Our boats are our home
And our spirits are free

We travel the coastline
In search of our wish
And when we get lucky
We catch that big fish

We’re loyal to Nomads
’cause we are the best
And if you’re not with us

…………….NOMADS !!!!

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Application for a Nomads boat number

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Nomads Bye Laws


  1. Any member wishing to resign must inform such intention to the Secretary in writing prior to the end of the financial year, otherwise he or she will be liable for the following year’s subscription together with any arrears to the Club.


  1. All complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the Committee meeting, otherwise the Committee may hold the complaint over until the following meeting.
  2. Members rights and use of the Clubhouse. The control of the water and the activities thereon will remain with the East Rand Speedboat Club with “Nomads” enjoying the following:
    1. Use of the waters and facilities Monday -Saturday. To enable this use Nomads members must either be in possession of a valid membership card, as well as the current annual member disc affixed to the boat. No Sundays or Public Holidays.
    2. End of November and early February “Nomads” will use the water for “Seaworthy testing”.
    3. Members of Nomads, at the discretion of the East Rand Speedboat Club, may book private functions at the Clubhouse for a fee.
    4. Nomads have full use of the facilities for the Quarterly meetings, Annual General Meetings, Social functions, Committee meetings and any other functions that may be required by Nomads, at the discretion of the East Rand speedboat Club.

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Rules of the East Rand Speedboat Club

  1. Only Members with valid membership cards permitted on the premises of the E.R.S.C.
  2. Members or Visitors will not act in an improper dishonest or unsportsmanlike manner or be guilty of conduct in any way offensive to other members.
  3. Members will not be guilty of introducing to the Club any person whose presence therein shall be prejudicial to the interest or reputation of the club or objectionable to other members.
  4. Only one boat per member or visitor.
  5. No drinking and driving while on the waters.
  6. Only motor vehicles with trailers permitted in the launching area.
  7. Minimum age for pilots: Over 16 years.
  8. No more than three (3) twin engine crafts to cruise on the waters at anyone time.
  9. It is an offense to remove or damage property belonging to E.R.S.C.
  10. Slipway to be cleared no later than 10 minutes after launching and all boats to be removed immediately from slipway after loading.
  11. No boats on the water before sunrise or after sunset.
  12. The safety officer or any member of the committee has the power to reject any craft which he considers to be dangerous.
  13. The safety officer or any member of the committee has the power to ask any member or visitor to leave the Club premises should the member or visitor behave in an improper unsportsmanlike manner or that member or visitor be under the influence of alcohol while driving his boat -or that member or visitor be a danger to any of the other members or visitors of the Club.
  14. Sub-teens to wear life jackets at all times while on the water.
  15. All occupants to be seated in seats and not on the deck, nose or back rest or sides of the boat.
  16. All boats to carry adequate life saving equipment, fire extinguisher and red flag.
  17. All boats to proceed in an anti-clock wise direction and stay well clear of the ramp.
  18. Swimming and Fishing in the dam in prohibited.
  19. All complaints to be made in writing to the Secretary, P O Box 1855, Benoni, 1500.

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It has been agreed that SADSAA will adopt the fishing flags in use by the Kenyan fleet.


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SGDSAA Sponsorship values
(as communicated by Johan Lange <> on 12 August 2015 at 14:01:09)

Sponsorships are as follows:

  • Provincial / Association – R1,000 per angler
  • SADSAA – R1,000 per angler / R5,000 first time once off
  • Protea – R1,000 per angler / R5,000 first time once off

Refunds of entry fees for Provincial comps including Nationals:

  • Gold Medal – 100% of entry fee
  • Silver Medal – 50% of entry fee
  • Bronze Medal – 25% of entry fee

In all instances the captain / anglers must obtain the correct form from the secretary and then submit for approval and payment.

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Nomads affiliated to SGDSAA – 12 July 1968

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