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Resignation Dave Brown

To: Dave Martin

I have tried a few times to contact you telephonically without success.

I have decided that I will now stand down from the Nomads committee. I have sat on the committee for a number of years and I feel that I have served my time.

I wish you and the new committee all success in the future.

Best regards.

Dave Brown
SA Rice Mills
Office: 011-976-4723
Mobile: 082-899-0111

Hi Dave,

For as long as I can remember you have been an active Nomads stalwart. Your dedication and unreserved service to the club and committee cannot be repaid by any means, except by us thanking you for giving up thousands of hours of your own time, for the good of Nomads Gamefish Club and the sport of angling. You have more than “served my time”, and for this we are exceptionally grateful.

On behalf of the committee members, past and present, and on behalf of all the Nomads members, past present and future, I sincerely thank you for your unparalleled service and wish you the best of luck going forward.

I look forward to enjoying a beer with you at our next get together. Until then we wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a successful year ahead.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Martin
Chairman Nomads Gamefishing Club

2014 VHF course

TO ALL CLUBS   and Skiboat ownersIn 2014 Lynette Adams will be hosting a VHF exam session in February for all interested members.SAMSA have clearly indicated to us that we have until July 2015 to get the licences done on the old system and then after July 2014 people wanting a VHF licence will have to attend a week’s training school.

SAMSA have as of the 1st November increased all fees and now impose a VHF Exam levy per person as well as the application fee. So we are already looking at nothing less than R1,000 per person at this stage and we still need to get an Examiner up from Durban at our expense and accommodate and fee etc.

Lynette urgently needs to know how many of our members in SGDSAA will be wanting to do this last opportunity VHF exam in February 2014. Hopefully we can have a Friday night exam session as well as a Saturday morning and afternoon to accommodate 60 people.

Note that VHF radios are possibly going to be phased in late 2014 and it will be become law to have this licence to operate your Skiboats. Legislation is pending in this regard.

Lynette needs to know who will be interested in doing this course so that she can start setting up dates etc.

All course material will be provided to you as well as a mock up exam.

Please e mail Lynette your name and details to make the booking.


Lynette Adams
Southern Gauteng Deep Sea Angling Association
Provincial Secretary
011 4252052

2014 Rosebowl Questionnaire

2014 Rosebowl Questionnaire from the Nomads Chairman: Dave Martin

Good day fellow Nomads,

As you may all be aware of by now, there have been some changes to the committee following the recent AGM where Leon and Magriet stepped down.

Chairmanship was taken on by myself and hence this communication from me and not Leon.

Please note that the committee portfolios are still to be finalised and therefore this communication should not be seen as an ‘acceptance speech’ by myself and which shall follow in due course, however there is at least one urgent matter that needs to be addressed immediately, and this is Nomads’ participation at the 2014 Rosebowl, hosted by Guinjata SFC and to be held at Guinjata, Mozambique, 16 to 21 March 2014.

I have been approached by some active Nomads members expressing concern for their safety in Mozambique considering the recent upsurge in violence between Frelimo and Renamo.  I have attached an article from today’s news (11 Nov 2013) which I urge you to read in order to have some insight into the problem.

While our primary concern is for the safety of our members, we cannot disregard our obligation to SGDSAA and Guinjata Sportfishing Club for the upcoming Rosebowl challenge, a tournament that we pride ourselves for excelling in. With this in mind the committee needs to make an informed decision based on the Nomads members wishes of whether to raise concerns of safety and to relay these to SGDSAA, should these concerns be affecting proposed participation by Nomads members at the Rosebowl?

I would like to use this opportunity to gather feedback from  ALL MEMBERS by way of a few yes/no answers by as to whether you are willing to fish in Guinjata. Please note that your response herein is NOT a commitment for participation in any way whatsoever, but we need to have some sort of realistic indication. I realise that March is still some time away and that some of you will be going to Guinjata and other Mozambican destinations in December, but these comps are planned well in advance and we owe it to GSFC to raise any concerns sooner rather than later.

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Many Thanks for  your co-operation, and please feel free to add any other non-related issues or concerns that you may wish to express.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Martin
Chairman Nomads GFC
Tel: +27 11 396 1800/1/2