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Are you towing legally?

Having done a bit of research recently on the legalities of trailing in South Africa I thought I try and write something about it. First off it seems that almost no-one knows the law. Trailer makers don’t even have a clue. Car manufacturers tell you how much you can trail but this doesn’t mean it’s legal… There are numerous stories in the forums, particularly fishing forums, of people being escorted to weigh bridges and having to leave everything on the side of the road and pay huge fines. Besides this, think of the insurance angle…you are happily towing your overweight boat behind your discovery 3 and have an accident… You’ve written off the car in front, your own vehicle and the boat. Time to call the insurance companies, but hang-on you were towing illegally – guess who gets to pay the bill!! The risks of towing illegally are huge..

Update on 2014 Nomads Closed

At present only 8 boats have entered for the Nomads Closed (+- 25 persons).
Gaffer Dog, Watermark, Tjaila Tyd, Shayo Lo Manzi, Threesome, Chezzy, Kaskazi and Nauti Boy.

The competition is still on.
The full catering and bar to be supplied by Porkys called for a minimum of 50 persons. The committee has, therefore, decided to cancel the catering and bar from Porkys.

“All crews will have to cater for themselves
We will have a “Bring and Braai” on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights. So please come and party with us. Shooters will be served.

The entry fee for the comp has been reduced to R500.00 per person. A refund will be given to those who have paid the higher entry fee.  Please complete your entry forms and email me A.S.A.P

At present all the chalets at Cape Vidal are fully booked. Only camping is available. I have a spare chalet available if any other boat(s) want to enter the comp.  Please contact me ASAP as I will be requesting a refund shortly.

Ivor Matthee is looking for a ride on any boat short of crew.

In closing, the competition is going to be a success if we all give our best under the circumstances.

Let’s fish and party.

Colin Green
082 459 9685