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Ocean glider information

Hi all,

I refer to the annexed e-mail as well as the attachment.

You will note that two gliders (see photo attached) will be launched from Richardsbay in June 2017.

I have included Zululand and Natal chairmen in this mail, but request our SADSAA secretary to distribute this e-mail to all our provincial chairmen for further distribution.

I request that if any one of our members comes across these devices not to interfere with it, as it gathers important scientific information.

If there are any queries kindly contact writer.

Kind Regards,
Mark Beyl

Dear Mr Thompson & others

I am sending this request on behalf of the GINA Working Group.  We would appreciate your assistance in circulating the attached GINA Project information document on ocean glider  deployment in the Agulhas Current amongst your constituents. The aim of this document is to raise awareness and minimise interference with the GINA glider platforms by curious fishers and other marine users. Please accept our apologies in advance for unnecessary  postings,  we realise that the Recreational Forum  has been inactive and that many of the addresses on this mailing list are defunct.   Lastly, please take some time to read this document as we’re sure that you’ll realise the importance of the project and find it interesting.


Dr Stephen J. Lamberth
Fisheries Research
Department Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Download the Gina ocean glider information document