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2019 Nomads Seaworthy Update

In July this year, SADSAA changed the parameters for the annual seaworthy (COF) from an annual certificate to a fiscal certificate. A calendar year is always January 1 to December 31. A fiscal year, by contrast, can start and end at any point during the year, as long as it comprises a full twelve months. Thus, the vessel owner may determine when they wish to have their vessel surveyed. If successful, the COF will then remain in effect for a full 12 months from the date of inspection. The onus now rests with the vessel owner to determine when they wish to have their vessel surveyed.

Nomads had planned to hold a seaworthy day in conjunction with the AGM which was originally planned for Saturday 26 October. However, with the date of the AGM changing to Thursday 31 October at 19h00 it will not be possible this year. In addition, with the change from annual to fiscal it is suggested that the members who require COFs on their vessels to make the necessary arrangements with the Nomads safety officials to do the inspections at a time mutually convenient to both.

Please check your current COF. Note that if it expires on 31 December 2019, you will be covered until then. Thereafter you will require a new COF.

The authorised Nomads Safety officers are:

COLIN GREEN                           082-459-9685

IAN VAN ZYL                                072-234-0633

Cost of a COF: R650.00 (R450.00 to the club, R200 to the safety officer)

Documents necessary (refer to

  1. Download and complete the necessary checklist per vessel category.
  2. ICASA licences for onboard radios – VHF, 29 Mhz
  3. Ensure the trailer of the vessel is roadworthy
  4. Ensure that all the necessary safety equipment is still within the marked time period before expiration
  5. Ensure that the fire extinguishers are serviced (members to arrange for their own servicing of their fire extinguishers)
  6. Ensure that the vessel has the correct lifejackets
  7. Ensure that the buoyancy certificate is valid and contains the following information:
  8. The vessel’s name or number
  9. A brief description of the vessel
  10. Construction details, type and volume of buoyancy installed below deck
  11. Buoyancy calculation and state of
    1. Date of issue
    1. Expiry date of the buoyancy certificate
    1. Signature of the officer issuing the certificate
  12. Ensure that all the necessary ICASA radio licences are in your possession
  13. If your vessel has a 29Mhz radio, the appropriate 29Mhz licence
  14. If your vessel has a VHF radio, two licences are required. One for the VHF radio as well as an VHF operators licence
  15. If your vessel has both types of radios, you will be required to present both sets of licences
  16. No ICASA licence, no seaworthy inspection will be done on the vessel
  17. Kindly note that handheld radios are NOT acceptable – even on jet skis. It must be a base station radio.

If any of the above conditions are not fully satisfied, NO Certificate of Fitness (COF) will be issued.

2017 Boat Testing Day

The Nomads Boat Seaworthy testing for 2017 year will take place on the 12th November 2016 at Rynfield Dam starting at 08h00 and ending at 13h00.

Please note that to qualify for a 2017 seaworthy you must have the following:

  1. A VHF radio on your boat in working order, either an old one without a red button or a new one with a red button.
  2. A certificate to operate a VHF radio.
  3. Either the old one dating back to 2012, issued through Stan Walters.
  4. Or a new one as per the latest course as done either by Dale or Tig.
  5. If you have done the new one and do not have a temporary license, a letter from the testing officer will do.
  6. All the usual documents for boat testing.
  7. A valid boat flotation certificate.
  8. There will be a fire extinguisher repair person available on the day.

See you there

Colin Green
Nomads Safety Officer

2015 Nomads Safety Inspection Day

Please note that the Nomads Safety Inspection day will be held on:

  • Date: 17 October 2015
  • Place: Rynfield dam
  • Time: 07h30 to 14h00

Please make sure that you have all the necessary documents, and that all your safety gear is up to date.

We will get a fire extinguisher company to be there.

The cost of a seaworthy will be increased this year after many years at R250.00

The new cost of a COF will be:

  • R400.00 FOR CLUB MEMBERS and
  • R600.00 for NON CLUB MEMBERS.

If you need safety gear please arrange with Boating and Camping or Commercial Marine. None will be available on the day at the club.

Please note that you must seaworthy your boat before 1st January 2016 to get a COF without a VHF Radio.

So please come to the safety day.


Colin Green
Nomads Safety Officer

MN 6 of 2015

It is important to read the second notice contained in the attachment.

In a nutshell, to save yourself some trouble and to buy yourself some time, make sure that your 2016 seaworthy ticket/CoF is issued BEFORE 1st January 2016.

Effectively this will mean that you will NOT be required to have a VHF DSC radio fitted for seaworthy purposes, only your current 29Mhz, – until the following 2017 boat inspection, and between now and then who knows what will happen?


The actual Marine Notice

Marine Notice 6 of 2015