Rules of the Nomads WhatsApp group

The group has been muted the group so your phone should not beep when something is posted on the group.

If you have been added to the group and you would like to leave, please don’t feel that you are obligated to stay. This is not a marriage, if you leave, I will not take you for half your possessions.

If there are any members who you would like to add that I have missed, please send me their contact details on a PRIVATE WhatsApp message so I may add them.


  1. No Racial or Religious Comments.
  2. Please note this is a GROUP chat, if you would like to have a conversation with one individual, please WhatsApp them directly.
  3. Do not send too many texts – If you send too many texts and other people also respond it makes things hard to understand and follow up on. Text in moderation to allow people time to read and respond well.
  4. Thou shalt not sext: If you are a fan of sexting then by all means make sure you go through your contact list and confirm the intended recipient before pressing the send button. No one wants to see your half naked selfies on this group chat.
  5. Do not text all night: It’s likely that once in a while you will wake up to over 70 messages, or even more, because of all the groups that you’re in on WhatsApp or other messaging apps. There are too many texts and it’s unlikely that you will have the time to go through them. Simply avoid texting group members at night say past 9:30pm because chances are you will create a discussion forum that will go way into the night.
  6. Let’s try remembering that there are ladies on this group, watch your language PLEASE!

The main objective of this group is to keep in touch with news, events and meetings of the Nomads Gamefishing Club.  Good jokes now and then is perfect but let’s not flood the group. Data is awfully expensive these days.

Thanks Ladies & Gents