Tips in writing and maintaining your fishing CV

Written by Neil Coetzer ( – SADSAA Development Officer

  1. Always fill your CV out as if it is going to persons who have absolutely no knowledge of who you are.
  2. Preferably save the document as a word document and type it out, as the quality of hand writing is not always legible for the relevant selectors.
  3. Your CV should always be filled in as truthful as possible. If not, this will seriously hamper your chances at future Club, Provincial and SADSAA selections. If you are not 100% certain of the weights, individual position and team position rather contact your team members or the relevant people to assist you with that information.  (Remember there are always people who fished against you that will be able to clarify or discredit your claims.)
  4. Get into the habit of regularly updating your CV as this makes it easier than trying to remember a year or years after the tournament what transpired. Good sound advice is to update your CV after each trip or tournament and ensuring that all the important information is captured such as: personal placing in a tournament, teams placing in tournament, outstanding catch and line class that it was caught on.
  5. Never assume that the selectors know, or should know, what you caught. They only have your CV in front of them the day that they do the selection. This is why it is of utmost importance to fill in your CV correctly.
  6. If you serve or served on any committees for your club or province please do not hesitate to fill this in on your CV. Leadership, ambassadorial qualities, social behaviour and interaction with your team and other anglers are factors that contribute to you being selected for a team or not.
  7. Always ensure your CV reaches the Provincial or SADSAA Office well before the due date. Ensure that the Proof of payment for your nomination fee accompanies your CV. It is advisable to ask for a read receipt when sending it via your computer.
  8. If you submit your CV well before the time and you should for some or other reason have to alter it, then there will be enough time to make such changes.
  9. You should keep a personal CV of all species so that when you nominate for SADSAA the new nomination forms are species specific. You may then extract from your information all items relative to your nomination.