Tri-facet Nationals 2013

The following anglers have been selected to represented SGDSAA at the TRI-FACET NATIONALS 2013

Gamefish Nationals 2013

Frank de Oliviera(Capt)ERBFC
Leon OrsmondERBFC
Ivan van HeerdenERBFC


Wessel Grimbeek(Capt)Albatross
Hendrik Smit
Charsja Du Plessis


Light Tackle (Sailfish) Nationals 2013

Jannie Havenga(Capt)ERBFC
Coen MynhardtNomads
Tyron GruarNomads


Mitchell Jospeh(Capt)Makaira
Fiona HofmanGuinjata
Danie JacobsNomads


Heavy Tackle (Marlin) Nationals 2013

Mike Ross(Capt)TSC
Sarel AllersAlbatross
Rory MundyAlbatross


Jan Hofman(Capt)Guinjata
Dion WilmansERBFC
Kevin AllardyceNomads

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