2017 SGDSAA awards evening

Dear Nomads

You have already been made aware that the Bi-Annual SGDSAA awards dinner will take place on 28 January 2017. We have had some questions about who this is for.

In short this dinner is open to all our members and we encourage you all to come along and support our members who have achieved accolades higher than club level. However it is “compulsory” for all members of Nomads that have received provincial, SADSAA or Protea caps in the past two years. (This awards dinner is only held every two years) in particular it is “compulsory” for all our members that have placed in the medals, caught recognised records [Wade Martin, Clive Kerns] or caught bill fish during the past 2 years. All billfish qualify whether caught socially or in competitions.

To this end we urgently require the details of your catch: Angler’s name, date of catch, species of fish, where caught, line class. [Michael Gruar !!] and if it was caught in a comp, name of comp. Please send these details to the Nomads email address, copied to Johan Mare <johan@volt-tech.co.za> records officer. Johan will collate and forward the details to Lynn Adams for printing of certificates. –

If you are planning to attend please respond with your name, payment and club name to Lyn Adams <lynadams@mweb.co.za>

We look forward to seeing you there.

Yours in Angling



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