2014 Cape Vidal

Download the Results of the 2014 Nomads Closed

Heaviest Game Fish Caught during the Competition

RankNameDescriptionWeight (Kg)Score
1Mark CockcroftTuna Yellowfin16.5087.12
2Mitchell MooreAll Bonito Species8.5064.22
3Dave WilloughbyTuna Yellowfin5.9030.94
4Ray HendersonTuna Yellowfin5.6027.88
5Mitchell MooreTuna Yellowfin5.6027.88
6Jorg SchultzTuna Yellowfin5.3024.99
7Jorg SchultzTuna Yellowfin5.3024.97
8Dave WilloughbyTuna Yellowfin5.2024.04
9Mitchell MooreTuna Yellowfin5.1023.12
10Dave WilloughbyTuna Yellowfin4.7019.64
11Colin GreenTuna Yellowfin7.0015.68
12Piet van RooyenTuna Yellowfin6.5013.52
13Eric AbramsTuna Yellowfin5.9011.14
14Werner van RooyenTuna Yellowfin5.7010.40
15Piet van RooyenTuna Yellowfin5.7010.40
16Clive BlancheDorado5.609.03
17Colin GreenTuna Yellowfin5.308.99
18Tyron GruarTuna Yellowfin5.308.99
19Werner van RooyenTuna Yellowfin5.308.99
20Johan MareeTuna Yellowfin5.108.32
21Werner van RooyenTuna Yellowfin5.108.32
22Hein EngelbrechtTuna Yellowfin5.008.00
23Tig AndrinDorado5.007.20


Boat Score – Game Fish

Boat Name13/1014/1015/1016/1017/10Total
Nauti Boy131.95135.70267.65
Fish Hunter8.328.32
Gaffer Dog
Shaya Lo Manzi


Boat Score – Bill Fish

Boat Name13/1014/1015/1016/1017/10Total
Shaya Lo Manzi460.00460.00
Gaffer Dog
Nauti Boy
Fish Hunter

Combined Score – Bill fish and Game Fish

Boat Name13/1014/1015/1016/1017/10Total
Shaya Lo Manzi460.00460.00
Nauti Boy131.95135.70267.65
Fish Hunter8.328.32
Gaffer Dog


Top Angler

1Tig Andrin237.20
2Wouter Engelbrecht230.00
3Pieter Range230.00
4Mitchell Moore115.22
5Mark Cockcroft87.12
6Dave Willoughby74.61
7Jorg Schultz49.94
8Ray Henderson27.88
9Werner van Rooyen27.71
10Colin Green24.67
11Piet van Rooyen23.92
12Eric Abrams11.14
13Clive Blanche9.03
14Tyron Gruar8.99
15Hein Engelbrecht8.00




Results by Nomads Members


Yellowfin Tuna

RankNameWeight (kg)
1Mark Cockcroft16.50



RankNameWeight (kg)
1Mitchell Moore8.50



RankNameWeight (kg)
1Tig Andrin5.00




The 2014 Nomads Closed competition will be held at Cape Vidal from 13-17 October 2014.

Line class will be open – from 6kg to 36kg which will need to be specified per boat per day on the launch sheet.

Approval has been obtained from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife to hold the competition but with a few conditions:

  • maximum number of boats: 15
  • maximum number of anglers: 60
  • catch & release: encouraged
  • all anglers must have in their possession valid fishing licences & iSimangaliso entrance tickets
  • no angling takes place in sanctuaries or closed areas including Two Mile Reef
  • catch returns must be submitted to Dr Scotty Kyle (rkyle@iafrica.com) immediately after the event
  • all public areas including beaches are alcohol free zones
  • all sharks and rays are returned alive to the water
  • no boats may be left on the beach
  • anglers are open to inspection by EWzemvelo during and after the competitionturles are not approached or interfered with in any way particularly duriing turtle breeding (October – March)
  • no vertical jigging equipment is allowed on any skiboat (iSimangaliso internal rule)

Entries to the competition will only be accepted electronically.

Rules of the 2014 Nomads Closed competition

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  1. Paddy Venske

    Well done to the committee at Vidal even the weather could not dampen the spirit of the week.
    Please consider Vidal again next year.


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