2013 Ponta do Oura

Results off the 2013 Nomads Closed held at Ponta.

2013 Rules and Entry Form

The Nomads Closed will be held from 21-25 October 2013 at Ponta do Oura. This year Nomads will be celebrating its 45 years and we hope to see a lot of members attending the Nomads Closed.

All the diners and weigh in will be at Coco Rico. Kindly email bookings@cocorico.co.mz to reserve your spot.

If you are short of crew or looking for a ride please contact Colin Green (011-914-1750 / 082 459 9685 /   colin@greensteel.co.za ) so we can try to organise a hook up for you!!!!!!

Download the 2013 Nomads Closed rules
Download the 2013 Nomads Closed entry form

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