Nomads Records

Nomads Club Records

View a listing of the current Nomads Gamefishing Club Records for Local and African Waters.

How to apply for a club record

  1. The Angler must complete the application form personally.
  2. All applications must be made through your club.
  3. Time limit to apply is 60 days from date of catch.
  4. All record fish must be weighed on scales that have been certified for accuracy by Government Agencies or other qualified organisations.
  5. The catch and weighing of the fish must be witnessed.
  6. 5 Meters or more of the line used plus the double line used, leader and hooks must be submitted as was used in the catching of the fish.
  7. 3 Clear photos of the fish and all measurements as stated on the form.
  8. Appropriate fees for world, S.A. and Provincial records to be enclosed, club records no charge.

How to apply for a Zone record

Southern Gauteng Deep Sea Angling Association covering

  • Provincial records
  • Domestic waters
  • African waters
  1. All record applications from the Angler to Club to Province must be done within 60 days.
  2. The correct form must be completed in the Anglers own hand writing. This form to then be submitted to the Club Records Officer and then in turn to the Provincial Records Officer.
  3. The form to be completed by the angler in duplicate. The Club Records Officer to retain one copy.
  4. ALL APPLICATIONS must be accompanied by the entire leader, the double line , and at least 15m of the single line closest to the double line, leader or hook. All line samples submitted must be in one piece. If a lure is used with the leader, the leader should be cut at the eye attachment to the lure. The line sample submitted must be presented in a manner that the line can easily be unwound for testing. Any line sample submitted that is tangled or cannot be easily unwound will not be accepted.
  5. A photograph of the Fish and Angler must accompany the application as well as a photograph of the rod and reel and the scale used to weigh the fish.
  6. A copy of the scale assize certificate must accompany the application. Check that the certificate is valid/current (yearly).
  7. There is NO fee for Provincial Record Applications.
  8. Woman anglers may not apply for Mens Records and Visa versa.
  9. The Club Records Officer must check the following :-
    1. The form has been completed in full.
    2. The claim equals or beats the existing standing record.
    3. If a Junior record claim, check the date of birth.
    4. The Junior must be under the age of 18yrs to claim a Junior Record
    5. Length and Girth of fish should preferably be in metres
    6. Date caught does not exceed the time limit allowed (60 days)
    7. Rod tip and Butt length should preferably be in millimetres.
    8. Check that the make of line has been completed on the form.
    9. Check date of scale assize certificate.*Check that the line sample is attached. (15m)
    10. Check that all necessary photographs are attached.
    11. The affidavit must be signed by the angler and dated. .
    12. Check that the Club Records Officer signs and dates the form for submission to Provincial Record  Officer.
  10. The minimum acceptance weight for vacant records is 1kg.
  11. To replace a record fish weighing less than 10kg , the replacement weight must weigh at least 50g (0,05kg) more than the existing record.
  12. To replace a record for a fish weighing 10kg or more , the replacement weight must weigh at least one half of one percent more than the existing record. e.g.
  • at 50kg additional weight is 250g / 0.25kg
  • at 500kg additional weight is 2500g / 25.0kg


Use the following checklist when applying for any record

  1. Application form in duplicate
  2. Line sample as per requirements (15m)
  3. Photograph of angler and fish
  4. Photograph of rod, reel and scale used.
  5. Scale assize certificate

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