Barnyard event – 30 October 2015 – Rock Royalty


Dear Nomads skipper and crew,

We are all aware that when the economic climate turns downward sporting codes are the hardest hit. You only need to compare how easy it is to get a tee time on a Saturday to understand how dwindling memberships are affecting golf clubs to get a sense of how tough things are. Nomads Game Fishing Club is no exception.

However, even through the tough times we still managed to host a very successful Rose Bowl in 2013 and each year we continue to successfully host our own Nomads Closed Competition. Furthermore, despite the tough times, the club has maintained its ethos of financially supporting the developing anglers through the junior ranks to provincial and national levels, not to mention the numerous interclub competition entries.

Amongst other things, this is what makes Nomads stand out above the rest and as a great club we have attracted great sponsorships and maintained our strength and popularity. Unfortunately sponsors alone cannot keep us afloat and we need alternative funding.

So, this year we are hosting another Barn Yard evening on 30 October 2015 at Emperors Palace the show is the Rock Royalty and we need your support.

We believe it is only fair to turn to those that have benefitted from the club support one way or another namely the skippers and their crews. We are asking each skipper to take the lead and fill one table of 10 or 8 persons at this event. Obviously if you wish to add more tables that would be greatly appreciated. If 12 skippers fill one table each, we will fill the bottom section of the theater and not only make the fund raiser a huge success you will also be contributing to a great party.

We have also been given some splendid prizes by Hollard and Rowlin Insurance and Backline Adventures which will be raffled and the draw will take place on the night. They include a flip around Johannesburg in a helicopter and a spin around Kyalami in a racing car and (not that you would need it) a deep sea fishing trip. We are working on our other sponsors for some fishing related prizes but believe these prizes will attract interest from even the non-fisherman. We will be looking to all the members to sell raffle tickets but again we are looking to the skippers to drive their crews to sell a book of 10 tickets each. We will give these to you at a later date in the meantime lets fill the Barn Yard Theater.

To book your seats at the party, please contact Bianca Juchau – 079-528-8998 or

Payment will be into the normal Nomads account:

Nomads Game Fishing Club
Standard Bank – Boksburg Branch
Account No.: 422 037 729
Branch Code: 011 842

Your club thanks you in advance for your support and we look forward to seeing you. We trust you will have a rocking good evening.

Kind regards

Mark Cockcroft
Event Coordinator

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