2014 VHF course

TO ALL CLUBS¬†¬† and Skiboat ownersIn 2014 Lynette Adams will be hosting a VHF exam session in February for all interested members.SAMSA have clearly indicated to us that we have until July 2015 to get the licences done on the old system and then after July 2014 people wanting a VHF licence will have to attend a week’s training school.

SAMSA have as of the 1st November increased all fees and now impose a VHF Exam levy per person as well as the application fee. So we are already looking at nothing less than R1,000 per person at this stage and we still need to get an Examiner up from Durban at our expense and accommodate and fee etc.

Lynette urgently needs to know how many of our members in SGDSAA will be wanting to do this last opportunity VHF exam in February 2014. Hopefully we can have a Friday night exam session as well as a Saturday morning and afternoon to accommodate 60 people.

Note that VHF radios are possibly going to be phased in late 2014 and it will be become law to have this licence to operate your Skiboats. Legislation is pending in this regard.

Lynette needs to know who will be interested in doing this course so that she can start setting up dates etc.

All course material will be provided to you as well as a mock up exam.

Please e mail Lynette your name and details to make the booking.


Lynette Adams
Southern Gauteng Deep Sea Angling Association
Provincial Secretary
011 4252052

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