Use of the CR Swart Dam – a priviledge, not a right

3 April 2017

We have had a healthy increase in our membership since January and hopefully this trend will continue as the year progresses. For the benefit of the new members and a reminder to the older members please note the following with regard to the CR Swart facilities.

Nomads enjoys the privilege, of being able to use the ERSBC launch site at the dam for free on a Saturday and for a nominal fee on Sundays. This gives us the chance to run our boats, test engines, or simply have a day on the water to tinker with your boat at a conveniently nearby location.

However please be aware and accept that we are sharing this facility with other members of the public and that we need to abide by the rules and regulations set in place to maintain harmony between all the users of this stretch of water.

If you use the dam regularly or if you intend to do so, it is incumbent upon you to acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations before you launch. In particular, please comply with the no wake zones and the rules regarding alcohol.

We have enjoyed this privilege for many years. Please respect the rules and your fellow boaters and let’s ensure that we can enjoy this privilege for many more years to come.

Many thanks and regards

Mark Cockcroft